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Why Your Cardtonic Account May Be Frozen
Why Your Cardtonic Account May Be Frozen
Updated over a week ago

If you enter the wrong PIN while trying to withdraw or make purchases on your account more than three times, your wallet will be temporarily restricted, and you won't be able to withdraw.

This is just our extra means of protecting you. But don't worry—you can lift the restriction on your wallet by following these quick and easy steps.

1. Go to the Settings menu
2. Click on Security
3. Click on "Reset PIN"
4. An eight-digit PIN will be sent to your registered email.
5. Enter the OTP and set a new PIN that you will remember.

That's it!
The restriction will be lifted and you can continue your normal activities.

If you no longer have access to your email or you have further enquiries, contact us using the live chat on your App or send a WhatsApp message to +2347060502770.

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