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How Do I Buy Gadgets on Cardtonic?
How Do I Buy Gadgets on Cardtonic?
Updated over a week ago

You can purchase gadgets from the convenience of your home. Kindly follow these steps:

  1. Open the Cardtonic app on your mobile device

  2. Click on ''Just Gadgets''

  3. Select your desired category and then choose the specific product

  4. Utilize the search function for easier navigation

  5. Click on the chosen product to view details, check images, and either add it to your cart for continued shopping or proceed to buy now.

  6. Provide delivery details

  7. Review the transaction summary, read the terms and confirm your purchase

  8. Input your four-digit PIN to verify your identity

    Congratulations! Your purchase is complete. Await a confirmation email and anticipate your delivery soon

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