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How To Create Your Virtual Account (VBA)
How To Create Your Virtual Account (VBA)
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Great news! You can easily create your own unique virtual account on Cardtonic. This account will allow you to top up your wallet to make different purchases or improve your balance in order to withdraw the desired amount.

In order to create this account, there are two important steps you must complete:

1. Verify KYC.

2. Generate a virtual account.


To verify your KYC, we require your BVN for what we call "Know Your Customer." This is simply used to match your BVN to your correct birth date and name.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Tap the “settings” icon right at the bottom of your dashboard page

2. Select “Identity Verification.”

3. Input your correct date of birth and enter your BVN number

4. Take a clear selfie

5. Hit the "verify your KYC" button.

Super easy!


To fund your account, first you have to generate a virtual bank account. To do so;

1. Tap the “wallet” icon at the bottom of your dashboard page.

2. Then select “Top-up”

3. Tap on the button to generate a virtual account.

Please only send money to this account from the bank accounts associated with your BVN.

Note: Every deposit is subject to a 1.5% service fee. Please factor this into your top-ups.

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