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General iTunes Gift Card Trade Terms
General iTunes Gift Card Trade Terms
Updated over a week ago

iTunes gift card is a category of card accepted on Cardtonic.

This is a general term for trades under this gift card brand but each subcategory has more specific terms attached to them, pay attention to terms of trade when trading.

1. Cardtonic accepts iTunes physical cards and ecodes (not all the time), you will see it under the category if it is acceptable at any point in time.

You should understand the difference between physical cards and ecodes to know what subcategory your trade belongs.

2. Cardtonic accepts iTunes card from multiple countries. You should pay attention to the country of the subcategory you are selecting.

3. iTunes gift card codes start with X and are 16-digits.

4. iTunes gift card trades do not need receipt but if you have the receipt, feel free to upload as well.

5. Pay attention to the denomination limit (if any). Some trades only allow you to trade less than $100 denomination while some trade allows only $10-$25.

7. iTunes gift card transactions only take a few minutes. So you can grab a cup of coffee and relax as you wait for confirmation from our admin.

You will receive a notification once done.

If you have any enquiry, you can use the live chat on our website.

Last Note: Always pay attention to the specific trade terms before submitting a trade.

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