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How Do I Sell Gift Cards On Cardtonic?
How Do I Sell Gift Cards On Cardtonic?
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To sell your gift cards on CARDTONIC, you must be a user. Please download the CARDTONIC app from the Google play store or App store.

You can also use the website to proceed. Below is is a simple guide to follow:-

  1. Once logged in, click on SELL GIFT CARDS.

2. Select your card's type, which is either Physical or an E-code.

3. Select CATEGORY (This is the name of the gift card you have for sale).

4. Then select SUB-CATEGORY. Sub-categories fall under categories, and this is where you further specify exactly what type of card you have.


For Instance, USA ITUNES PHYSICAL (50-100) means:

  • Your card country is USA

  • The category is ITUNES

  • The card is PHYSICAL (Which means you have the card picture, if you had only the code, it would be ECODE)

  • And 50-100 means your card amount falls within 50 to 100. But this doesn't mean you cannot upload more than 100 in this subcategory. If you have 50 in 4 places, you can upload the four, as long as each of the cards amount fall within 50 to 100. Just enter the total amount in the amount field.

4. Next, enter your total GIFT CARD AMOUNT. If you had ITUNES $50 in two places, then the amount to enter would be $100 (50*2). Always enter the total gift card amount.

5. The total amount payable would be calculated and shown below using information provided above. The rate used to calculate would also be shown.

6. You can leave a comment E.G type out your ecode, or if you want to pass a piece of information across to the admin regarding your trade. And you can leave this field empty.

7. Click on UPLOAD GIFT CARD IMAGE(S) to upload images of your gift card. You can upload multiple images at once.

8. Then click on, PROCEED

Terms and conditions peculiar to the sub category selected would pop up. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS AND ENSURE YOU COMPLY BEFORE SUBMITTING THE TRADE.

Finally, click on SUBMIT

TRADE SUBMITTED! You’ll get feedback in a few minutes. Go have some fun!

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