It's super important to add a phone number we can reach you on your Cardtonic Profile. It helps us to better serve you by keeping you informed with updates on your transactions with us, and the trade decision to be made for swift processing.

Please follow the steps below to do this;

* On your Cardtonic Dashboard, please select the Menu Icon at the top right of your screen.

* Scroll to the bottom and select Settings.

* On the Settings Page, navigate to Edit Phone Number, and then add a number we can always contact you with and hit the save button.

* Hit the Save Button and that's it.


  1. Cardtonic needs to contact you for prompt decision making as it concerns your transactions with us because your satisfaction is very important to us. Endeavour to add a reachable number.

  2. It's not permanent , you can always update your number on the app anytime you lose it. Super easy!

    STEP 1:




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