How Does User Level Work?
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Cardtonic’s user level has FIVE ranks. To unlock any new level you must have completed a particular amount of transactions in Naira or CEDIs.

User level

Criteria (Naira)

Criteria (GH₵)

Reward points

Level 1 (Rookie)

Over N200,000

Over 2,000 GH₵

0.2% of every trade

Level 2 (Flex)

Over N2M

Over 20,000 GH₵

0.4% of every trade

Level 3 (Senior)

Over N10M

Over 100,000 GH₵

0.6% of every trade

Level 4 (Boss)

Over N30M

Over 300,000 GH₵

0.8% of every trade

Level 5 (Odogwu)

Over N50M

Over 500,000 GH₵

1% of every trade

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