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I Am Yet To Receive My Withdrawal, What Do I Do?
I Am Yet To Receive My Withdrawal, What Do I Do?
Updated over a week ago

Once the withdrawal status says "PAID", this means the payment has been sent. Under normal circumstances, you will get the payment within minutes.

Banks at times have issues which can lead to delay in payment and which is beyond our control. Kindly be patient and contact us if you don't get your payment within the next 24 hours.

If you don't get it within 24 hours, we will query the status of the transfer to be sure it's successful, then provide you with payment receipt and transfer session ID.

You will have to contact your bank and provide them with this ID to track the payment.


-99% of payments are received within few minutes.

-Most delayed payments are due to bank network issue.

-Payment can fail and bounce back if you try to withdraw more than your bank account can accept. Ensure your account is not limited. Most student accounts cannot receive more than 50,000 at once.

-In case of any reversal, we will notify you within 72 hours if you don't contact us.

-You will always get your payment regardless, rest assured.

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